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FAQ - Crystal Tree Carpet & Flooring


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We include rip up and off site disposal of your existing carpet. Moving all of your furniture. New padding. We replace tack strips if needed.

No, there is no charge or obligation once we do the measure.

The best! We use either a 40oz fiber pad or an 8lb foam pad depending upon the type of carpet you have chosen.

Emphatically yes! It’s a sheep. There are natural oils and lanolin’s that repel stains. Vacuum often, and try to never clean the entire carpet or rug. Spot clean as needed.

Nothing is ever 100%, but we have found that 50/50 Club soda and white vinegar works beautifully. Blot, don’t rub. Red wine…immediately pour white wine on it, it should neutralize the stain. Blot.

Spot clean as noted above. Set the fibers to “the light side”. Let it dry for 24 hours. This usually works. Or call a professional rug cleaner.

Because of the humidity, possible loss of power, living by the ocean, etc. Solid hardwood can “cup” and warp. Engineered is stabilized within the layers, so when it expands and contracts it does so evenly.
You will get exactly the colors and size you want. We can do an exact match with any fabrics, artwork, etc. The finished product is a work of art, handmade in Nepal.
A custom rug will take anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending on the size. Patience is key, but well worth it in the end!

Yes. We realize choosing the right material can be overwhelming for some people. Our seasoned designers will help you choose the right material and style to ensure you get the best product that fits your personal lifestyle and needs.

Yes, you will need to have a Florida re-sale certificate for a tax free sale.

Just snip the end to even the carpet surface. Never yank out long or loose ends as this can permanently damage your carpet. If a tuft becomes snagged or works loose, simply cut it off and let the surrounding yarn fill in the space.